Age and travel insurance

If you're over 60, finding reasonably priced seniors travel insurance can be tricky. The good news is that there are plenty of insurers that offer cover with no age restrictions at all.


Age restrictions vary from insurer to insurer. You might also find limits on the levels of cover available to older travellers too.

Unfortunately, if you are not online, finding an insurer that suits your needs can be quite time consuming as many insurers don't make their conditions or eligibility of cover very clear.

If you are online or can get somebody to give you a hand, the following website may be helpful:

You might be wondering how insurers are able to basically use age discrimination in deciding who they will insure and who not. Surely this is illegal?

Anti-discrimination legislation gives insurers an exemption, which enables them to discriminate based on age, but only if certain conditions are satisfied. Essentially, their decision to exclude must be reasonable.

The most important thing is that any traveller any age can find an insurer who will insure them.